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How to clean seat cushions?

The seat cushion is the product which we often use in the life, the kind also has many. This article mainly introduces how to clean the cushion of the home, the cushion of the car and the cushion of the table and chair.

What kind of  seat cushion of Mensal chair has? How to clean?

How do we clean a dirty table seat cushion? These are the questions we need to know. Let’s take a look at some of the related topics.

Types of seat cushions for dining tables and chairs

  • Cloth table and chair cushion is the most practical one in our life, the fabric of textile cloth cloth cloth is also very healthy, hygroscopicity is good, pro-skin refreshing.After pre-shrink treatment, feel comfortable. Fabric is tight. Home tablecloth and mercerized.Bright, soft and bright in color. Is the most commonly used in life a home dining table and chair cushion.
  • Cotton and linen table and chair seat cushion is made of cotton, this is also a good fabric, texture is quite good, very durable, this fabric environmental health, the pursuit of a variety of natural things.Water absorption is better, gorgeous color, fashion generous. The cotton hemp dining table chair cushion is also exists in most families one kind of chair cushion.

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Cleaning of dining table and chair cushion

Household table chair cushion is in use, more easily dirty. So how to more effectively clean the dining room table chair cushion? Different methods of stain cleaning are different.

Vinegar, wine, sugar, salt and other water-soluble stains, in the washing, vinegar, salt and other table cloth can be soaked, three minutes after cleaning, shake dry.

Grease and protein stains to be removed with an alkaline solution, in an alkaline solution soaked for 15 minutes in accordance with the normal cleaning procedures to wash, shake dry drying can be.

How Do You Wash a car seat cushion?

If it’s not very dirty, just a little smudge, I suggest you get some warm water and dry it with a clean towel. If the area is relatively large and has been removed, then hang it up, but do not put it to bask,the effect of dry is better.

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Whole set of cushion if want to wash, wash, dry-clean all right. Of course, the best way or dry cleaning, washing will have a certain degree of shrinkage, and after washing will be a little wrinkled feeling.

When washing, first soak in 30 degrees Celsius water temperature for 10 minutes, hand wash do not twist, after leveling, natural dry, also can not use washing machine dehydration, dry to 80% , the best time to high temperature ironing, this will make it smoother (although it’s OK if you don’t iron it) .

Also need to pay attention to is: when washing, do not brush hard, otherwise the seat pad will fluff, pattern color will fade.

Dry cleaning, different places, usually 50 bucks should do it.

In addition, if the car wash words, is the same situation, the general will choose to use foam cleaning agent dry cleaning, to eliminate the long wait for the cushion air dry.

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